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Top Interview Questions For SharePoint Developer

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If you are looking for a job as a SharePoint developer, preparing interview questions is crucial. You may not where to start or what kind of questions you can expect. Here are the top ten interview questions that you should prepare: 


What is LINQ in SharePoint? 

LINQ is a unique feature of C# 3.0 and Visual Basic .NET programming languages. It has a variety of functions. It lets you query in an object-oriented method and also defines SQL-like syntaxes when it queries data sources, it has support for compile-time check, and it also has IntelliSense support in Visual Studio. LINQ can be used to query any data source, and this is not possible for other languages. SharePoint 2010 and later comes with LINQ support. In SharePoint, there is a LINQ to SharePoint Provides that translates all the LINQ queries to CAML queries. CAML stands for Collaborative Application Markup Language. 


How is the service application different from the SharePoint Service Provider? 

The SSP used a set of services for configuration. This means that if a website was associated with the SSP, it was forced to have the overhead of SSP services despite not using it. Developers would have to create a new SSP each time they wanted to change the service configuration. With service application, we no longer have this problem. It is now easy to associate a set of services with one website and a different set for another site. Service application also lets you configure one service application in different ways for various websites. 


What is the function of the sandbox solution? 

Sandbox solution has many functions in SharePoint. With it, you can use reusable and deployable packages that have a variety of features. You have the option to enable or disable it. Sandbox also lets you restrict specific resources without affecting the server as a whole. When the administrator permissions are allowed, only the administrator can configure sandboxed solutions related to tiers, quotas, load balancing, and other such settings. 


What makes SharePoint so popular as a collaborative system? 

SharePoint makes it easy to manage all your documents. It has a project scheduling feature that lets you schedule when your project needs to be done. All your users can access it collaboratively at the same time. You can also share your company's mailboxes. You can store all your crucial documents and need not have any security concerns. That is why it is so popular as a collaborative system. 


What do you know about "OneDrive for Business"?

"OneDrive for Business" is a storage service that lets you store all your company's documents on a single cloud. You can synchronise these documents any time you want without affecting their quality or security. Users who are authorised to access them are also free to view them and share them. SharePoint is one such platform that lets you do this. It can take care of all your data stored in the cloud. 


What do you know about Content-type in SharePoint?

In SharePoint, Content-type is a collection of settings and metadata that can be reused for representing a particular content. If a content type on employees has metadata like employee_name, employee_salary, and so on it can be organised more easily on SharePoint. 


While developing a content type, what files do we generally include, and why? 

We generally include two files while developing a content type. These are the main content type and the ContentType.Fields. The main content type consists of the content type ID, description, name, group and version. The ContentType.Fields include the fields for the content types that have elements like the ID, DisplayName, StaticName, sealed elements, and so on. These elements are related to employing the FieldRefs element situated in the main content type file. 


What do you know about Workflow in SharePoint? 

Workflow associations can be created in different ways in SharePoint. They can either be created directly on lists and libraries or an already existing content. Workflow is highly flexible because it can be applied at different levels such as that of a list or library, or when a content type is defined at the list scope of site scope. 


What is the function of RunWithElevatedPrivileges? 

RunWithElevatedPrivileges is a method that lets a non-privileged user access sites that require administrative privileges. The RunWithElevatedPrivileges method comes with the SPSecurity class and enables you to make calls into the object model.


How do you use SharePoint to return SharePoint List items? 

To return or retrieve SharePoint list items, we have to establish a web reference in Visual Studio and use lists.asmx web service. It exposes the method of GetListItems, and then we can easily access the entire list content in an XML node. It also takes different GUID parameters such as the GUID of list name against which we are querying, the GUID of the view, and so on. 


These popularly asked questions are an excellent place to start for your SharePoint developer interview. They will make you better prepared for your interview and will also help you determine what kind of questions you are to expect. They are sure to make your interview a great success. 

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