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Will Web Developers Become Obsolete

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Web development is a field that has gained prominence only in the last twenty years or so. Technology has grown rapidly over the years, and so has the need for developers. But technological growth is such that every modern development becomes replaced by something better and it becomes obsolete. Will that be the case with developers?


A lot of people today believe in the possibility that developers will no longer be required in the future. Why do they think so? The answer is simple. The job of every developer is to write codes and build websites. But today, it is possible to build a website without writing codes. And the process takes only a few minutes. It also does not require the amount of money that developers charge to build a site. 


Platforms like WordPress and Squarespace make it easy for people to set up a website with no coding experience whatsoever. It also does not require any technical knowledge. These platforms not only facilitate website building but also help users customise their site. For instance, WordPress has many free and paid plugins that can be used for website customisation. With these plugins and extensions, anybody can create an e-commerce site, general information site, and just about anything. It requires little effort to start an online business. 


Another reason why people think so is the development of artificial intelligence or what is commonly known as AI. There are several instances where AI has been used to build a website. AI can be made to perform image analysis and feature detection. It can then be used to develop a fully functional website from mockups. So the idea of using artificial intelligence to build websites in place of a developer is completely feasible. However, AI is yet to reach a level where it can write software, create dynamic websites or even be involved in data science. 


The need for developers these days has undoubtedly decreased due to the ease with which websites can be developed without hiring them. That is why so many developers dislike templates. Today we have drag and drop templates that are user-friendly and therefore easy to use. Quite often, they are like barriers for new developers who need to work for startups before they get hired by big companies. 


It does not, however, mean that developers will become obsolete. Many enterprises need more than one website. Even when they need a single one, it is not always feasible for someone to run a business and build a site at the same time. It is easier to hire a web developer to do the task. Developers not only build websites they also perform market research and other surveys to make sure it generates traffic. They are the people who can help to use a site for marketing so that it becomes an additional source of income. They can also make it the largest source of income. These are things AIs cannot do. 


Further, the kind of customization that is possible with templates and plugins is not the same as coding. It is likely that two websites will use the same templates for their site, and the site will not be unique. That is why we have developers who can further customise these templates by writing codes. 


Another area where AIs fail is soft skills. Developers utilise their soft skills to convey their unique ideas to the clients and to ensure that the products sell well. They can build a relationship with their clients and ensure that the entire team works efficiently and collaboratively. No AI can do that. It will be a long time before artificial intelligence understands human emotions and their desires. 


We will likely see more of AIs in web development. But they will only be used to simplify the work of developers, so they do not have to code repetitively or perform other tedious tasks. They can focus more on problem solving, and the result will be an even better one. 

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