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Top Recommended Books for All Web Designers

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Learning about web design can include a variety of sources. One of the best, time tested sources is books. There are so many books out there that you can read and learn from. Here are some of our recommendations: 

Laying the Foundations: Laying the Foundation is a book written by Andrew Couldwell. It primarily focuses on design systems, a topic that is widely popular among designers today. It is a practical book that teaches you a lot about creating and setting up design systems as well as digital brand guidelines. You can learn a lot of amazing tips from the experienced designer before you start working for a big enterprise. You can also learn about how designers work collaboratively with engineers in such enterprises. The approach is slightly different, but you will be engaged until the end of the book.  


Storytelling in Design: This book by Anna Dahlström uses the principles used in movies, fiction and music for designing purposes. You will learn how a great story is told and why it is important. You will also learn about the changes in design and the world of storytelling and the relationship between the two. The book will teach you to use simple tools to influence your customers and create a psychological impact on them. Reading this famous UX designer's book is a must if you like to try out newer approaches in design. 


Value-Based Design: Value-Based Design is a book by Nick Disabato. It teaches you about business and the need for web designers for hire to prove their value. You will learn to think more strategically, to promote your value successfully in any organisation. The book also comes with a practical workbook that has some of the tools and practices required to make decisions about design with the finances in mind. 


Inclusive Design for Organisations/Products: This book by Jonathan Hassell is exactly what it says. It is a two-part guide about making your design all-inclusive. It will help you create designs that will be accessible to people with disabilities as well. It is important to keep such people into consideration when making designs because quite often they find it difficult to scroll through a website or an app and do not check it a second time. In the first part, the author discusses how sites can be made accessible with the business framework in mind, and how to get a high investment return by doing so. In the second part, he discusses how to make all digital products accessible and user-friendly for all. 


Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative: This book by Austin Kleon is a quick read for all designers. If you need fresh ideas and inspiration to start your work, you should pick this one up. The best thing about it is that it shows how inspiration can be found anywhere and that creativity can be found in every person and just in geniuses. Creativity is ultimately made of already existing ideas and does not require much of originality. 


Designing for the Digital Age: This book by Kim Godwin covers everything you need to know about web design. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals alike. The book is almost eight hundred pages long and covers a broad range of topics like how to understand potential users and customers, design principles and patterns, and so on. It also emphasises on user experience as a significant part of the design in the digital age. The book is detail-oriented and uses many real-life examples that can help you. 


Mobile First: Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski is a book that focuses on design for mobile phones. These days, it is essential to make designs mobile-friendly due to the increasing number of mobile phone users for apps and websites. The book talks about this aspect and how-to strategies in such a way that the design caters first to mobile phones and then to everything else. There are ample examples and advice from the author that will surely help you. 


Choose Yourself: Choose Yourself is a book by James Altucher. This book can help you most when you need encouragement to get on with your work. Quite often, there are mistakes in the work, and they are inevitable. The author tells you that they are normal and do not project your failure as a designer. He teaches you to learn from these mistakes and gives to the encouragement you so often need to start all over again. If you like reading works of motivation, you should try this one. 


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