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Top Features of Salesforce Lightning

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Salesforce Lightning was first released in 2015. It was meant to facilitate web development and make it quicker. It comes with many Salesforce components that have a client-server framework. The framework ensures that the process of development is efficient and that the resulting web application performs well. It does so by allows developers to build apps without coding. Developers can omit the coding process entirely by using the Lightning Application Builder that comes with several Lightning components. 


Here are some of the top features of Salesforce Lightning: 

Advanced Technology: Salesforce Lightning comprises some of the best technological advancements of today. It prioritises cloud storage and makes use of the cloud for most of what you do on the Lightning platform. The advanced technological support that it provides also helps you balance your relationship with your clients and customers as well the various departments in your firm. The platform is always up-to-date and comes with three automatic updates each year. 


Lightning Voice: It is perhaps the best feature of the platform. It facilitates the relationship between you and your clients by helping you make voice calls his Sales Cloud. You can make or receive calls any time you want to stay connected with your clients. You can also take notes during calls and log calls for future use. All you need to do is connect your mobile phone with the Lightning platform. 


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Steelbrick: Another outstanding Lightning feature, Steelbrick has a CPQ or Configure, Price, Quote policy that makes uses of Sales Cloud to do trading deals in business. With this feature, you can easily create contracts and proposals for various brands. When you want the brands to sign the contracts, you can easily do so without having to sign out of the CRM. The process is quick and hassle-free. 


Improved Sales: Salesforce Lightning promotes sales. It has several features that make this possible. Here are some of them: 


  • Opportunity Kanban: Opportunity Kanban is a feature that helps you keep your records in one place and makes it easy for you to understand the data you have tracked. By doing so, you can also plan more effectively to attract more customers and satisfy the existing ones. 


  • Opportunity Workspace: This feature makes it easy for you to coordinate with the members of your team and keep all the work in one place. It also offers you with strategies and methods to help you configure your workplace for the best output. 


  • Custom Dashboards: This feature is somewhat similar to Opportunity Workspace. It lets you customise your dashboard depending on your business requirements and your target customers. 


  • Quarterly Performance Chart: Quarterly Performance Chart does exactly what it says. It helps you keep track of your work by preparing for you a quarterly performance chart based on your business. 


Snap-Ins: Snap-Ins lets you coordinate your client support directly into the application. You can connect with your clients more conveniently due to this feature. You can provide them with all the help and support they need at any time, and they can also reach out to you easily. 


Interactive Tabs: Salesforce Lightning has several interact tabs to create a dynamic user experience. You can access all the relevant information with only a click of a button. There is also a drop-down arrow that gives you additional features such as recent records viewing, creating new recording and current list views. 


Activity Timeline: The 'Activities' section in the platform provides you with a gist of all your past activities, including emails and events in chronological order. You can also access other features from here, including 'New Event', 'Log a Call' and 'Email functions'. 


Lightning Application Builder: Salesforce Lightning's Lightning Application Builder is one of the best tools for building applications without coding. You can easily set up your application with only a few clicks with the help of a Salesforce developers for hire. You can customise pages in your application as well by using some of its in-built components. 


Salesforce1 Mobile Application: These days, it is necessary for platforms to be mobile-friendly. That is why Salesforce Lightning has a mobile application. The application lets you access all your desktop items on your mobile phone. If you make changes on the platform from your desktop, you can easily view these changes on your mobile phone as well. 


Lightning Customer Community: Salesforce Lightning has an outstanding community support system. It can engage with your clients and also get business assistance whenever you need. It comes with several built-in solutions to solve all your business-related queries. Its user-experience is such that you can personalise the community support platform as per your need. 

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