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Websites For Downloading Free Web Design Illustration Templates

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Illustration templates can save you time when you need to finish with your web design project quickly. They can be an excellent source of inspiration when you get the creative block. The templates also have other uses besides just in design projects. They can be used in presentations to illustrate your point and convey your story such that it is meaningful.

We have come with the best sites where you can download free illustration templates for all your design needs.

  1. Envato Elements :- Envato Elements is a subscription-based marketplace from where you can download thousands of design assets that primarily include illustration templates. Envato Elements is unique because you can download an unlimited number of assets and use them in an unlimited number of projects.

  1. Humaans.com :- Humaans.com specializes in human illustrations. You can use it anytime you need for adding an illustration featuring humans. Web designers generally mix and match pictures to create new ones with this template. Also, they can be used for both commercial and personal projects.

  1. Ouch Pics :- Ouch Pics has an unusual name, but it also has some of the most trendy looking illustrations on the Internet. You can use these illustrations in commercial and personal projects. Note that attribution is required.

  1. Undrawn.co :- UnDraw features a growing collection of free illustration templates that you can use in all your projects, be it personal or commercial. You do not require any attribution. All the illustrations are open-source.

  1. DrawKit.io :- DrawKit is another collection of free, open-source vector illustrations. You can use them in both commercial and personal projects. The resources on this site fall under the MIT license. The figures come in colour and black and white version.

  1. Absurd.Design :- If you’re looking for illustrations with crazy style or need more abstract-looking pictures, this site gives you just what you are looking for! If you want to use them for free, you have to link back to the website. Else, a commercial license is available as part of a monthly membership.

  1. Lukaszadam.com :- Lukasz Adam has dozens of free vector illustrations and is offering them for free on his website. Each illustration set comes under the MIT license. He keeps updating the site regularly with new examples.

  1. Freepik.com :- When it comes to design elements, Freepik will never leave you empty-handed! This site has thousands of design elements, along with illustration templates. You will find illustrations of any category and in a varied range of styles. You can download and use them in commercial and personal projects. Here, too, you will need to link back.

  1. Outlane.co :- Outlane.co comes with cute vector illustrations for any project, be it commercial or personal. The illustrations are available in PNG and SVG formats. Hence, you can even modify and customize them for your own needs.

  1. TheNounProject.com :- The NounProject.com provides icons and illustrations for any projects. With more than 2 million icons, you will surely find a picture that will suit your needs. Hence, make it a point to stop by this site.

  1. Avataaars.com :- If you need avatar illustrations, this site is just the place for you! You will find dozens of pre-made avatars. You can also easily mix and match different elements to create new designs. These, too, you can use freely in commercial and personal projects.

  1. ManyPixels.com :- You can use illustration templates from ManyPixels.com in web design, print projects, poster design, and more. You can use them in both commercial and personal projects with no attribution.

Stocking up on free illustration templates speeds up any web design project. But those same web design illustration templates can also serve as a springboard for your designs. You must bookmark these sites so that you can come back and download new design goodies whenever you want/need them.

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