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PHP web developer and Python web programmer

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Web development refers to the development of a website or application by web developers. Web designing, writing codes, web content development are all part of web development. Web designing includes client-side or front-end coding, server-side or back-end coding and database technology. The most widely used languages for web development are PHP and Python. 



PHP is a scripting language that is HTML-embedded. It is used for creating dynamic and interactive websites and web pages as well as a programming language. It supports Netscapes, Apaches Microsoft IIS and so on. PHP works on Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OS. 


PHP Developer

PHP developers work on the server-side of the website and develop back-end components. They also support front-end developers in that they integrate their work with the front-end work. Some responsibilities of a PHP developer included integrating front-end elements with back-end elements, building PHP modules that are efficient and reusable, dealing with performance issues and architectural problems, integrating data storage solutions and so on. A PHP developer must be proficient in PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony CakePHP and so on. 


Some of the features of PHP include: 

  • Open Source: PHP is open-source which means it can be accessed by web developers and web programmers for free. 
  • User-Friendly: PHP is user-friendly. It is simple to understand and easier to use than most other scripting languages. It also works faster than other languages. 
  • Independent Platform: PHp can be run on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, and others and therefore it is a platform-independent language. 
  • Error Generation and Reporting: PHP can generate errors as and when they arise and report them easily. With PHP it is to locate errors and fix them. This is why it is suitable for both beginners as well as proficient web developers



Python is a programming language that is used in web development, software development, scripting and so on. It has two major versions- Python 2 and Python 3. The purpose of Python was to make codes more readable. 


PYTHON Programmer

Python programmers develop back-end components just like PHP developers. They also help to integrate the work with front-end components. Some of the responsibilities of a Python programmer include writing codes that are testable and reusable, designing applications that are highly efficient and have low latency, implementing security and data protection and so on. A Python programmer must be proficient in Python frameworks like Django and Flask. 


Python Features: 

  • User-Friendly: Python is easy to understand and use by both beginners and experienced programmers. 
  • High-Level Language: Python is a high-level language and so the low-level details like memory management can be easily ignored by the user. 
  • Short Codes: Python has shorter codes compared to other programming languages. 
  • Syntax Clarity: Python has a clear syntax that is easily readable. 



PHP has existed for a longer time than Python. But Python is slowly taking over PHP in terms of popularity and usability. Python was designed as a general-purpose language, unlike PHP which was designed as a web development language. Python has several features and benefits due to which it is becoming more popular. 

  • Simple Coding Design: Back-end programming in Python is simple and easier compared to PHP due to its simple design pattern. Python does not have pre-defining data types for variables and this makes it more flexible. 
  • Easy to Learn: Python is easy to learn when compared to PHP. Learning to use PHP takes more time owing to the complexity of its features. 
  • Better Framework: Both Python and PHP have a variety of frameworks but Python's frameworks are more widely used by developers. Some of Python's frameworks include Django, Electron, Flask, and Pylons. Django is considered the best web development framework. This framework is highly secure and is easy to use. Developing an application or a website using Django is also time-saving. Python's Flask framework is highly flexible and is suitable for beginners with no prior experience. 
  • Readable Codes: Python codes are more readable while that of PHP is complex. Proper indentation is required while writing codes in Python and this ensures that the codes are clear and easy to read. 
  • Simple Syntax: Python has a simple syntax that is easy to understand. It can be understood by developers who do not have much technical background. 
  • Simple Debugging Tools: Python makes it easy to find errors and correct them. Python's PDB and XDebug are easily accessible and facilitate the debugging process. PHP requires much more debugging tools than Python. 
  • Better Package Management: Python packages can be installed using PIP. PIP enables the developer or programmer to install or uninstall packages, use them and upgrade them as per requirements. Package managers in Python ensure that the codes are neatly organized and backed up so that the developers can keep track of their progress. PHP's package management lacks the codebases that PIP has, making it more complex. 
  • Python's Library Support: Python's libraries are more powerful than PHP's libraries. The libraries assist the developers in various domains such as image processing, Natural Language Processing or NPL and so on. Python has machine learning libraries such as Keras, TensorFlow, Scikit Learn and so on that are fast and manageable and that integrate with the web framework. 

Despite the growing popularity of Python, both Python and PHP are equally efficient in certain ways and it is difficult to determine which one stands out over the other. Both PHP and Python have strong and easily available community support. Both of them are well documented in various websites and forums which makes it easy to learn them. Both of them are completely free to use. Python 7.0 has a speed that is almost at par with PHP's speed. Ultimately, the decision rests in the hands of the developer. The developer to decide which programming language is more suitable for building the website or application he or she needs to build and which language he or she is more comfortable with. In that sense, both PHP and Python are in demand and can help build websites of cutting edge technology that is sure to make a place in the business scenario. 

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