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Best Selling UX UI Kits for Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, and Figma

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UX and UI Kits

The UX and UI kits are a fantastic way to boost your designing process. These kits can inspire you and help you to present your idea to your potential clients quickly. "Kits" are usually available for Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and the like; "kits" are provided logically with styles, symbols, and artboards, that enable you to locate and work with the components that you are seeking.

Some are multipurpose and provide a vast number of elements; some are specifically for wireframing, others are more niche and cater to platforms like eCommerce, maps, social media,  and navigation, mobile UIs, real estate, etc.

Supported Design-Applications.

Each kit mentioned here is compatible with at least one of the following, and sometimes more:

  • a. Sketch

  • b. Adobe Photoshop

  • c. Adobe Illustrator

  • d. Adobe XD

  • e. Figma

  • f. InVision

At the present times, you can open a Sketch file in Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, and InVision without any hassle. 

Adobe XD will also manage Photoshop files, maintaining the artboards, layers, and assets as accurate to the original as possible.

Axure is a little less compatible with other file formats, but no matter which application a kit is created for, there is a potential possibility for you to find it compatible with your choice of design tool.


UX/UI Kits on Envato-

The Envato Market and Envato elements have several UX and UI kits. Following are the most famous examples- 


1.Wireland (Sketch)- 

Wireland is entirely related to wireframing. It has over 200 predefined layouts, with a specific amount of detail, giving you more than lo-fidelity. The serene and uncluttered blue aesthetic is ideally suited for wireframes.

It has a dense collection of devices, markup elements for showing flow. Wireland utilizes symbols and is based on the familiar grid of Bootstrap. It even offers a free sample that users can download and test before buying the full-licensed version.

2. User flow & Sitemap (Photoshop and Illustrator)- 

Laying out the userflow is an essential aspect of the designing process. It occurs early and quick. Sitemap UX Kit & Website Userflow has all the components that you will need to do to land a successful design. It comes with a collection of screens and graphics that help you wireframe how users can navigate from one section of a website to another. 

It has a dark and light version, suiting to your needs, but that is as complicated as the visual decisions become. You need to get hold of a few screens, use them, and link them together. 

3. Bolder Mobile UI (Sketch)- 

"Bolder" is a UI kit that offers 65 super high-quality mobile layouts, covering a range of platforms including social media, blogging, and eCommerce. Bolder has vibrant swathes and is organized with artboards, symbols, layers, and typography, simplifying the task for any mobile UI designer. 

4. Kama iOS UI Kit (Sketch)- 

The Kama is very explicitly designed for iOS consisting of over 120 screens, offering designers walkthroughs, chart layouts, multimedia, eCommerce,  user profiles, navigation, and social media options to experiment with, along with sixty custom icons.

5. Farah (Sketch, XD, Figma)-

Farah is an outstanding kit with 15 hi-fidelity entirely customizable mobile layouts, each emitting a highly contemporary vibe. It is a relatively new add-on to Envato Market, which reflects the current demand for multiple design applications that specifically cater to Sketch, Figma, and XD users.

If you are seeking bold and confident, Farah has a perfect look to apply for your designs.

6. MIGO Dating UI Kit (Sketch, XD, Figma)-

MIGO is another bold design by hoangpts with a highly energetic appeal. The MIGO is meant for a dating app and will give your plans vibrantly wild colors, gradients, and a welcoming, warm feeling all over. It contains 22 high-quality iOS (ready for iPhone X) screens, and is compatible with Sketch, XD, and Figma, 

7. Stamp (Sketch)- 

The Stamp is another one of that hi-fidelity option that comes with designers over 75 layouts "cards," created with more than a hundred variable elements.

 You can avoid building from scratch and customize it with Stamp right away. You will get quick access to a complete and modern web design. 

8. Ultramarine UI Kit (Sketch)- 

Ultramarine is another hi-fidelity design. Hence, it does not much suit the UX design stage of a product, more about adding stylish veneer. It is a highly durable veneer that offers over 140 components to apply in your designs.

9. Next Ecommerce (Sketch, Photoshop)- 

If you enjoy building your models with Photoshop, Next Ecommerce offers the right platform for you. There are several mobile UI elements you can explore, with 35 PSD + Sketch Files.

10. Doom (Photoshop)- 

Doom is another Photoshop option with a considerable UI kit. It offers around 100 PSD layouts, with homepages, inner pages, all kinds of niches covered. It is the first example to include admin dashboard options.

Doom also has an entire set of cryptocurrency site-designs if you are on your course to design a landing page for the next big coin.

11. Blokk Wireframe Kit (Photoshop)- 

Blokk is a Photoshop kit that offers a simple UI suitable for wireframing. Avoiding all unnecessary details, Blokk will drive your core decisions in the earlier stage of the design process. 

It is a vast collection, giving you 170+ UI cards, and demonstrating its range of elements with six sample pages. It offers the following (and more) components:

  1. Media gallery

  2. Features

  3. Call to Action

  4. Blog

  5. E-Commerce

  6. Testimonials

  7. Pricing Tables

  8. Analytics


You could be at the primary stages of the designing process and require few wireframe graphics, putting the final aesthetics over a prototype. Or you could be searching for inspiration to boost your ideas in your next project, UX and UI kits can be handy to every web/app designer. Hire website designers with Global Employees to work on your UX/UI projects.

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