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Real Estate Joomla Extensions 2020

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For all the people/businesses/ agencies deal with the real estate business, having real estate websites is a must. Their customers must be able to browse properties, get information, and ask for enquires. Creating such sites is not something that you can do without taking the help of real estate Joomla extensions.


There are several Joomla extensions available for real estate. Following is a collection of the Best Real Estate Joomla Extensions for Realtor.


OS Property Real Estate-

OS Property Real Estate is one among the best and most popular Joomla real estate extensions that you will find in the market. It has all the necessary flexibility and functionality that helps you create real estate websites, property listing, or rental websites very easily.

It also allows you to add single and multiple user types or real estate companies. You can also get several layout options. You will be able to list properties by various parameters, e.g., property types, categories, states, etc. 

It allows you to create features like Company/ Agent registration, Compare properties, Property details, Company/ Agent edit profile, and the like.

OS Property Real Estate is entirely SEO friendly and offers several useful SEO features. You can create a custom page title, and the page is heading for categories and property types.

You will also get the Joomla SEF URLs & SEO support, with SEF components. However, this extension is not available for free. 



IProperty Real Estate-

It is a real estate Joomla extension that helps you maintain property listings easily. It allows the real estate agents, property brokers, and property management companies to handle and look over their listings via a user-friendly interface. 

Hence, you can upload photos, add categories, sub-categories, agent profiles, and do a lot more. Additionally, it also offers you an advanced Google maps ajax based map interface that lets you save and manage favorite properties and searches. 

You will also get some other features like front end and admin management with multiple access levels. It gives you automatic email updates for saved properties and searches, along with unlimited custom sale types, categories, sub-categories, features, and a lot more. You can even apply multiple categories and multiple agents to listings.




The RealEstateManager is a free version of the real estate extension and property management software that helps you create websites for real estate brokers, real estate agencies, and agents. It enables you to manage property listings, property categories, hotel/ motel bookings, etc.

You can upload photos, manage real estate categories, and sub-categories. You can show a property on Google Maps, Post comments, and do a lot more.

The best feature of this extension is that it provides some of the free real estate website templates that have an in-built Real Estate Manager. Hence, you can create a real estate website in no time.

You get several backend features with this extension. You can add, clone, delete property, publish properties, edit ratings, and comments of a specific property.

Other than the free version, the extension also has several paid plans allowing you to upgrade to a premium version based on the features that are suitable for you.



FW Real Estate-

FW Real Estate is one of the best real estate Joomla extensions for Realtor that enables you to create property websites. It has a clean, responsive listings designs, advanced search form, lead-generating tools, and a lot more. You will also get Realtor and Agency versions of this extension.

FW Real Estate offers a clean, responsive, lightweight layout that helps in keeping the design consistent and uniform throughout with the Joomla template. The advanced search is instrumental in creating an intuitive experience for visitors and lets you search for information quickly.

Getting started with this extension has been made easier with a single installation package that gets all the included parts. It gives you free access to monthly updates, documentation, and ticket support.

The extension is designed to enable easy search and navigation in property listings. Hence locating the desired property and contacting a seller is no more a hassle with this extension. The extension is free to download, and for extra features, there are also paid plans available.


So these were the popular Joomla extensions for real estate website development. If you need any help regarding Joomla web development than hire a Joomla expert with the help of Global Employees.

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