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UI UX Designer Vs Graphic Designer

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UI design or user interface design refers to the designing of a website in such a way that it is user-friendly and caters to the needs of the users. A UI designer is primarily responsible for bringing out a company's potentials to the interface to help the company stand out and to exemplify the experience of the user. The product's interface guides the user and gives the user a satisfying experience. 


UX design or user experience design primarily aims at customer satisfaction. A UX designer is responsible for researching, testing and developing different elements in a website or application to ensure that they are fulfilling the demands of the users. He or she ensures the product is easy to use and is also visually appealing. 


Graphic Designer

Graphic designers work on images, texts, and so on. They choose and decide on colours, fonts and arrange the different elements in a layout. They work on websites and applications, as well as on books and magazines. Graphic designers are primarily illustrators who use virtual media or print media to communicate their ideas. Unlike UX designers, they are not responsible for how a product looks and feels. 


A UI designer has several responsibilities. Here are some of them: 

  • Planning new designs and implementing them in the project: A UI designer must be capable of planning new designs and ideas and implementing them in the designs that they create. 
  • Conducting user research: A UI designer must do user researchers frequently to understand what the customer needs. Besides, he or she should also communicate with clients. Such a designer should be able to meet the demands of the clients while also satisfying the user.
  • Staying updated about recent developments: A UI designer should always be updated about the latest trends in user interface design. He or she should be able to apply them to work effectively. 
  • Creating prototypes for new ideas: A UI designer must be able to come up with new and interesting ideas. He or she must test these ideas and develop prototypes for them so that it is possible to implement them in interface designing. 
  • Product Testing and Optimisation: A UI designer should test the product before it is delivered to the client. He or she should also gather feedback from different users to analyse how the product is functioning. It will also help the designer create an optimal experience for the user. 


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UX Consultant

A UX consultant is a comparatively new terminology. A UX consultant has a lot in common with a UX designer, but his or her job has significant distinctions as well. A UX designer can advance to the position of a UX consultant. A UX consultant may also have previous work experience as a graphic designer. 


UX Consultant Job

 Here are some of the responsibilities of a UX Consultant:

  • Helping the clients to understand their customers: A UX consultant may conduct surveys, researchers and interviews to determine how the customers use the product and how the product is doing in the market. He or she helps to bring out the vital insights on which the company can work and improve. 
  • Performing audits: UX consultants are responsible for auditing apps, websites and SaaS products. They determine the problems in user experience design and highlight the kind of models that fail to attract customers. 
  • Building Prototypes: UX consultants also help designers to come up with solutions for increasing the customer base. They help create long term solutions such as building new prototypes and testing them to see how they perform in the market.
  • BuildingStrategies: UX consultants discuss with the company to come up with strategies that will help the product. They provide answers to the essential questions that a company may have. They consult with the company about how to make the product excel in the market, how to make it stand out among other similar products, and so on. They determine where users are spending more time so that designer can improve and add more interactive features to these areas for the interest of the users. 
  • Educating the staff: A UX consultant also educates the key members of the team when a designer makes new changes to the product. He or she informs them about the changes and the reasons why the changes were made. He or she discusses with the members whether the changes will improve the product or not and how it will do so. 


UI UX Designer Hiring

Here are some tips for hiring a UI/UX designer:

  • Ask for a portfolio: A good UX designer should always have a portfolio of all his previous works. The portfolio will include all the websites and applications that he or she has designed. Check whether the person has experience in working on a variety of projects, rather than a single type of project. It will help you determine how creative and innovative the person is and whether he or she is suitable for your enterprise. 
  • Communicate with the designer: Communicate with the designer and discuss the interests of your company. Be specific and let the person know what you want. Hire the designer only when you feel that he or she understands his responsibilities and will be able to meet the demands of your company. 
  • Look up reviews: Proficient and well-known designers often have reviews from previous employers. These reviews are essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the designer. Keep in mind that reviews are sometimes fake, therefore check them only on official websites. 


UI UX Freelance Designer

When hiring a UI UX designer, it is always better to hire a freelancer. Freelance Web designers for hire will work for you at your timing, and you will have to pay half of what you pay to your local designer. You will save a lot of money without compromising on the quality of your product. Freelance web designers are easy to hire, and they work for both long-term and short-term projects. Once you hire someone for your firm, the person works directly under you and is fully responsible for your company. 


UI UX Web Design Services

Hiring a UI UX web designer is not easy. You must hire from the right place to ensure quality services for your firm. At Global Employees, we provide you with the best designers who have a high level of expertise in their work. Our designers will cater to all your needs and will also provide you with permanent services. They are ready to work at flexible timings. We ensure you that you will have nothing to worry about once you hire from us. We promise to provide you with the best services possible.

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