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Web Designers Best Sources of Inspirations

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Being a web designer is challenging. A designer has to come up with new ideas frequently to create innovative designs that have aesthetic appeal and are also functional. A major part of his job requires creativity. And there is no set of rules that a designer can learn and use throughout his career. So he needs inspiration from other sources, which is usually the work of other designers. 


Many websites are updated with new and interesting designs every day. And these designs have all the characteristics of a good web design- they follow current trends in design, they are innovative in approach, they are appealing to the audience and also satisfy the clients. That is why these websites are reliable sources of inspiration.  


Here Are Some of Them: 

Best Website Gallery

This website is run by David Hellmann, who is a web designer himself. It features more than 2000 websites, and each of them has something special and unique. You can check out both sites and links, that is, the design of a site as well as the site itself. You can see the number of people that have viewed it and also how many of them have voted for it. The website also features the latest winners, so you know which of the designs are most voted for. The best part of the site is that you can filter your search based on color, CMS, style, and framework. If you want to see designs in a particular color, you can easily do that. Similarly, if you want to see only illustrations or minimalist designs, you can filter your search to do that.


CSS Nectar 

When it comes to quality designs, you can rest assured with CSS Nectar. Having a website design here is not for everyone. Anyone who submits their website has to pay a fee, and not everyone is willing to do that. Further, all web designs submitted to the site he reviewed by experts before they are posted for public viewing. Searching for designs on this site is also easy. You get to customise your website by choosing your preferred filters. You can browse by category including but not limited to art and entertainment, blog/magazine, e-commerce. You can also browse by color and feature, including animated, fullscreen, illustration, one page, and so on, as well as by country. All websites have a total score based on their design, coding and creativity, so you know which of the styles are more popular than the others. 



No area of web design is complete without a mention of Behance. Behance is an Adobe website, which means the quality of works you find here is guaranteed. It is probably the largest repository of website designs and also the most active community for creative designs and ideas. It is one of the first places you should check for inspiration. All designs come with tags like UI/UX, corporate website, e-commerce, and so on, so you know for what the website design is most applicable. You can also narrow down your search results by specifying the time frame, location and popularity. By doing so, you can easily locate the latest design trends that are popular in a particular country or area without having to browse through multiple options unnecessarily. The website's highly active community is also an added benefit. It's the most popular website among the web designers for hire.



Another popular name in web design is Awwwards. The website claims to have only the highest quality design works, which are handpicked and selected by stalwarts like Timothy Noah and Ryan Morrison, who form the jury. Similar to CSS Nectar, each website is evaluated and scored based on its design, content, creativity and usability, and the scoring system is clearly explained. In the Awwwards "Collections", you can find Menu inspiration, UI Animation and Microinteractions, Filters and Effects, and so on, all of which are Awwwards curated. You can also see the winners based on awards, category, color, tag, technology, and so on and all of their works reflect the highest standards and the best quality in design. 



Designspiration is a simple but useful website for design inspirations. It features many designs, and these designs are community-curated. Although you can filter your search to look for particular designs, you can choose themes that you prefer. There is also a search bar that lets you search for concepts and colors. Each time you click on an image, it shows you the image as well as other related images based on colors and designs. The best and unique part about this site is that you can save the ideas you like and check them out later. 



Everything on this site is chosen and curated by Howells- Studio, so it is clearly among the best. The site is regularly updated with new websites, so you never run out of inspiration. Each website is unique and creative. You can narrow down your search based on styles like animation, illustrative, pattern, retro or vintage and so on; types such as a blog, personal, portfolio, start-up, subjects such as product design, photography, art, illustration; and platforms like Squarespace, Tumblr, Shopify, and so on. Whenever you open a random design, you can see its type and subject. You can visit it and also add it to your collection after you sign up. 


Admire the Web

Admire the Web is another top website full of curated website designs to inspire you with new ideas. Like most of the other websites, it also has categories like agency, professional, blog, Dribbble, templates, and so on and also tags like Ajax, greyscale, pattern, slider, WordPress, and so on. You can also read articles on design. If you like attending conferences, there is a list for that as well. 



Abduzeedo is a website that covers everything that a design can have. Even if you are a web designer, you can open your horizons to get inspiration from other artistic sources as well. And that is what this website offers. It features web designs, graphic designs, photography, print ads, architecture, and everything else that you can imagine. It has featured articles from all the different categories, and these articles are highly enriching. There is also a section for the top five articles related to art and design. But the site does not stop there. It also has some of the best book recommendations to keep you motivated in your work. And the tutorials section offers some amazing tips and tricks for various design styles and effects that you may not have tried before. 


Very Nice Sites

Another website to consider is Very Nice Sites. Although the name may not seem appealing, the designs are sure to mesmerize you. It features many unique websites that are curated by MaxMin. You can either visit theá¹£se sites or see some details about them. These details generally include tags like flat, responsive, portfolio, and so on. There is no option to search for specific categories or ideas, but you can click on one of the tags to see other websites with the same tag. You can also submit your website if you want it to be featured on the site. 


Smashing Magazine

As the name suggests, this is an online magazine rather than a design board. But it is no less informative. The magazine is targeted towards both web developers and web designers and provides highly informative articles on various topics related to web development. Some of the topics include accessibility, animation, CSS, user experience, inspiration, and so on. There are three major categories specific to design, including web design, design, and design systems, as well as other related ones. The design category, for instance, features several articles on the general principles of design, typography, UI, and so on. There are also examples and illustrations for the articles that are specially curated by Alma Hoffmann, a renowned designer. 


There are hundreds of websites on the internet to inspire you and give you new ideas. Ultimately, when you design your site, it is all about originality, innovation, and trend. You have to come up with ideas that are out of the box and so breathtaking that they make others want to copy it. And with the users in mind, you must also follow the current trends in design. A top-quality website today is one that is clean and not cluttered, which is interactive, mobile-friendly and desktop friendly, which tells a story about the brand without directly marketing the products. Further find here the top ten websites to hire web designers


Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design


What is the difference between a UI/UX designer and a web designer? 

The term web design is used as an umbrella term, so a web designer is someone who creates user interfaces. S/he can be a product designer, graphic designer, as well as UI/UX designer. A UI/UX designer works on user interface and user experience, respectively, which are the most crucial aspects of web design. 


What are some of the latest trends in web design? 

There are many new trends in web design. Some of them include minimalism, animations and 3D illustrations, a mix of graphics and photography, maxi typography, dark mode, and so on. 


What is the difference between web design and web development? 

Web design relates to the arrangement of the elements on the pages of a website. It is a part of the front-end, important for growing a user base with the help of visuals and interactive interfaces. Web development is different from web design because it involves building a website from scratch, including the front-end and the back-end and all other components. 


What are some of the important principles of design?

Some of the important design principles include balance, contrast, hierarchy, emphasis, proportion, and so on. Following these principles are essential to creating a good design that caters to user experience. 


How do I become a professional web designer?

To become a professional web designer, you must learn the basic principles of design. You also have to be proficient in tools like Adobe Illustrator. Learn front-end languages like HTML and CSS. Design a website and practice your skills.


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