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Why is Laravel the best PHP Framework in 2020

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If you are using PHP for developing your web app, your developers must choose the right PHP framework for developing a web application for your business. And when we talk about the best PHP framework, Laravel is the first framework that comes to mind. At present, Laravel has more than 51192 stars on GitHub. Laravel is one of the most widely used PHP frameworks among businesses all over the world. 


The following are a few significant factors and advantages that make Laravel so accessible for businesses among all other PHP frameworks.

  • Authorization

Laravel significantly simplifies the implementation of all the authentication techniques. It configures nearly everything extraordinarily and exceptionally. Laravel comes with a straightforward method for organizing authorization logic and controlling access to resources. Hence, businesses will not have to waste much time with the authentication proceedings.

  • Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel comes with highly efficient Object-Oriented libraries and several others that are pre-installed. You will not see this with other popular PHP frameworks. The Authentication Library is one of the pre-installed libraries. It is effortless to implement and also consists of several advanced features and functionalities that include checking active users, password reset, Bcrypt hashing, Cross-site Request Forgery protection, and encryption.

  • The Built-in Tool Called Artisan

Laravel comes with a built-in tool named Artisan, which is an integrated tool for command-line. Your developers are generally required to interact with the Laravel framework with a command line that will create and manage the Laravel Project environment. The Artisan tool allows Laravel developers for hire to perform all the major repetitive and tiresome programming tasks that your developers want to avoid performing manually. This feature only makes your Laravel developer's work more comfortable, making the process faster, reducing the time required for the completion of the Laravel development project of your business.

  • MVC Support/Architecture

Laravel supports the most modern and efficient MVC architecture, and this makes Laravel a fantastic choice of PHP framework for the development projects of your business. Symfony is one of the MVC architectures that Laravel supports, ensuring clarity and ease between the logic and the presentation. The MVC architecture is highly instrumental in improving and enhancing the performance of your application, while allowing better and more detailed documentation, and offering multiple useful built-in features and functionalities. 

  • Security Features

While your Laravel developer develops an application for your business, he has to use a few additional methods to strengthen the security features of your application, while developing with most of the web development frameworks available in the market. With Laravel, you can rest assured about the security while the framework entirely takes care of the security from within. Laravel uses salted and hashed passwords eliminating the possibility of saving the password as a plain text in the database. It uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm for facilitating the generation of an encrypted representation of any password. The well-prepared SQL statements that Laravel uses makes injection attacks almost impossible. Also, Laravel offers a straightforward method for the developer to escape user input while avoiding user injection of <script> tag. 


The Security features that Laravel mainly offers include the following:

  • Configuration

  • Manual log-in by users

  • Password reset and reminders

  • Password storage

  • Protection of routes

  • Encryption

  • Authentication of users

  • HTTP basic authentication

  • Authentication drivers

Hence, as a business owner, you can rest assured that your application will not face any severe security issues.


  • Database Migration

One factor of a hassle for your developers is keeping the database in sync between the development machines. The Laravel database migration functionality makes this very easy for your web developers. Your web developer must have made several changes to the database in the course of the development process. If your web developer is an expert, he will know that the MySQL Workbench is not a preferable method for syncing databases between the development machines. If your developer keeps all the database work in migration and seeds, migrating the changes into any other development machine will be extremely easy and hassle-free. This feature reduces hassle for your developer and gives Laravel yet another reason for standing as the best PHP framework choice for your business.

  • Laracasts

As a business owner, if you want to deliver more through your business application, you and your developers will need to gain more knowledge. Unlike other PHP frameworks, Laravel is a framework that comes with Laracasts that are a combination of free and paid video tutorials that teach you how to use Laravel in detail. 

Jeffery Way, an expert and experienced instructor has made these videos. He touches all the essential subjects and areas in the tutorials while providing clear and concise instructions. These lessons are well-devised, meaningful, and useful, all helping to improve production quality. With Laravel and Laracasts, you will know that in case you face any problem in your application that your developer is not aware of how to solve, you or your developer can directly refer to the Laracasts for help. These videos help prevent your application from facing any unsolvable issue at any point in time.

  • Blade Templating Engine

Laravel comes with a Blade Templating Engine that is highly intuitive and helps your Laravel developers work with typical PHP/ HTML spaghetti in a far more comfortable and better way. This feature is one of the best features of the Laravel framework. You may have to erase an if statement that includes HTML inside of it, and the Blade Templating Engine only makes this task easier and effortless for you. 

  • Responsible Interface

Laravel has come with a new feature called the Responsible Interface with the release of Laravel 5.5 back in 2017. The responsible interface is a class that developers use for the implementation of the interface that you can return with the controller method. The router is then going to check for the instance of Responsible while preparing the response from Illuminate\Routing\Router. 

  • Automatic Package Discovery

Installing packages was never comfortable with the earlier versions of Laravel. But later, the Laravel 5.5 came with a new feature called the Automatic Package Discovery feature that detects all the packages automatically on its own that the users will want to install. Hence, now the framework users will never have to set up any aliases or providers for installing a new package in Laravel. The Laravel developers can also disable this feature with Laravel 5.5 if they wish to do so.



The popularity of Laravel among business users for developing business applications is primarily due to the incredible and high-utility features of the framework mentioned above. The extensive community support of Laravel makes business owners feel safe about their application.

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